Introducing two kilns and two attractions in Mino.

YAMASHI Seitou-sho kiln and MATSUSUKE Kiln.

Donburi Bowl Hall, and Guardian Lion-dogs pottery site attractions.

Our charmingly decorated porcelain teacups

Sushi Yunomi Chawan for people who love animals, cats, dogs, fish, and owls, and for people who love Japan, Sushi, Sumo, Ninja and Kabuki.

Our philosophy
"Our tea cups enhance the experience and joy of drinking tea. We also contribute to the education of people around the world to ensure that Mino-yaki porcelain endures" said Mr. Kato


We are specialist in earthenware pottery.

We are very particular about the soil we use because we want people to feel a sense of warmth when using our cups.

DONBURI kaikan is...

an attractive facility that incorporates the function of the antenna shop of Mino ware, and amusement function such as exhibition corner and pottery class.

Guardian lion-dogs pottery site

The world's largest guardian dog

In 1990, to commemorate the 35th anniversary of the municipal government of Mizunami City, it was built in Okawa, Pottery Town.It is a 3.3 m tall Kiseto Komainu (guardian dog) and has been designated as a cultural property of the city.